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90 hair loss lasers spaced close together

Faster Hair Growth - The Laser Dome

Faster hair growth with 90 powerful lasers

Want faster hair growth? Now you can have the ultimate in faster hair growth with our new Laser Dome hair loss laser. Our fifty laser two-panel system is a very effective hair loss treatment. But why stop there? With the power of ninety lasers, our new dome makes it possible to have the absolute best coverage possible.

Who needs this? Anyone who wants the best coverage possible, and the most power in a home system. In order to get more lasers in a professional system, you have to go to a laser hair therapy salon.

With ninety lasers, this dome literally has the power of ten laser brushes. The leading laser brush has nine lasers. Here you are getting ten times as many. At one and a half times the cost.

90 lasers for hair loss in use on a real person

Your Super Grow 90 laser dome comes with a fully adjustable stand, complete instructions and the satisfaction of knowing you have the absolute best laser hair loss treatment available in a home system.

Get Faster Hair Growth - Only $759

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