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"Hi I am Rodney in Los Angeles.

"Shortly after my 55th birthday I noticed that my hair was thinning in the back. After a short period of denial, I decided to do something. I settled on the laser approach. I spent over $3000 for a year at a Laser Salon and my hair was restored. I did not want to continue spending $3000 or more per year, so I purchased a Super Grow 50 for maintenance.

"I use it twice a week for 30 minutes and have been able to maintain and even improve my hair coverage. The best part is I can do it at home."

Los Angeles

Laser Hair Therapy is done with lasers, not LEDs - The hidden LED scam in Low Level Laser Therapy

If you have been shopping around for Laser Hair Therapy solutions to your hair loss, you may have been looking at products that sell LEDs instead. This is the latest scam.

LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes. They are cheap to produce and are more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. In fact, if you have bought Christmas lights in the last few years, you might have bought LEDs instead of the traditional bulbs. Newer flashlights use them, and the latest trend in TVs is LED flat panels instead of LCDs.

But LEDs for hair loss? This is a clever marketing scam. There is NO connection between regrowing thicker, fuller hair and LEDs. Yet some companies are offering LEDs in their products, sometimes confusing things by adding in a few real lasers, so they can market it as using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

There are devices on the market with 30 LEDs and only 21 real lasers. These will do a better job on your Christmas tree than on your hair. They are marketed, however, as a solution to hair loss. LEDs however, will do nothing for your hair loss.

This approach is really just a clever dodge, a way to seriously cut costs while appearing to give a product that delivers Laser Hair Therapy. It has confused many hair loss sufferers, but don't let it confuse you.

See the difference between LEDs and Lasers

This video shows the difference between real lasers and LEDs. Laser Hair Therapy must be done with lasers, otherwise it won't work. See how to tell the difference.

Why do others use LEDs in Laser Hair Therapy products instead of real lasers?

While we haven't talked to the management of the companies selling LEDs, the reason seems pretty obvious to us.


While we have nothing against any company making a profit, we don't feel it is right to confuse consumers by putting in cheap LEDs instead of just using real lasers. This is just a confusing marketing gimmick to make a laser-poor device seem like it has some kick. Come on, this subject is confusing enough without having borderline deception going on!

Laser hair therapy is only done with lasers, not LEDs.

What is the difference between lasers and LEDs?

Laser is actually an acronym meaning

Amplification by
Emission of

Laser is different from regular light in two special ways. Laser light is COHERENT and COLLIMATED. A little explanation is in order.

Coherent means that the light waves are all of the same wavelength, and that they are in phase with each other. Have a look at the following, which shows how regular light looks.

Regular light is made of many different wavelengths, and many of the waves cross each other, and tend to cancel each other out. It loses energy quickly. If you double the distance from point A to point B, only one quarter as much light reaches point B.

Now let's consider light that is all one wavelength. This can be accomplished in several ways, most commonly by filtering out unwanted wavelengths. This is how LEDs work. Regular light is produced, but red glass filters out everything but red light.

Now we can see what makes laser light so special. Being coherent means that the waves themselves are "in-phase," meaning that they travel together and do not cancel each other out.

We promise to only sell you 100% real lasers

We want you to win the fight against hair loss. This is why we will only ever sell 100% real genuine lasers. It is only real lasers that are effective in the fight against hair loss.

Even if you don't buy our laser, do make sure you buy ONLY REAL LASERS. Laser Hair Therapy is only done with lasers, never LEDs.

LEDs may be great lights, but they have no place in Laser Hair Therapy.

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