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Should I buy a laser?

Find out if you are a good candiate for using our lasers. Not everyone is.

The Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale of hair loss ranks male hair loss based on seven basic stages. Stage one is no hair loss, so there is no depiction of it on the scale.

Select your stage of hair loss below to see if you are a good candidate to see results with the laser.

2 3V 5A
2A 4 5V
3 4A 6
3A 5 7

"Hi I am Rodney in Los Angeles.

"Shortly after my 55th birthday I noticed that my hair was thinning in the back. After a short period of denial, I decided to do something. I settled on the laser approach. I spent over $3000 for a year at a Laser Salon and my hair was restored. I did not want to continue spending $3000 or more per year, so I purchased a Super Grow 50 for maintenance.

"I use it twice a week for 30 minutes and have been able to maintain and even improve my hair coverage. The best part is I can do it at home."

Rodney, Los Angeles Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I have had my hairloss stop and have seen regrowth in the back and hairline.

"I haven't had anymore "bald" comments.

"I have more confidence when I go out. I no longer wear hats all the time. Good luck with your business."

San Antonio TX
Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Results have been great. My hair looks brighter and more healthy and stronger.

"It makes me happy to see my hair coming back in.

"My family has commented that they have seen a difference.

Mexico City, Mexico
Disclaimer: individual results may vary