How does laser light regrow thicker, fuller hair?

Laser reverses thinning hair by activating the hair follicles.

Your scalp bathes in the energy, which is at a very specific wavelength proven to regrow hair, and causes the individual hairs to become thicker.

Laser light has unique properties that make it different from regular light. No light bulb or LED puts out light that share these properties.

Regular light is made of many different wavelengths.

Laser light is focused, and does not spread out. This is why a laser sight results in a small dot on a target whether near or far.

These properties of laser light make it different than regular light. And yes, we sell only lasers, never! LEDs.

Laser light helps flush out the chemical that makes you bald

The chemical that makes you bald is called dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). This builds up in the hair follicles and causes baldness.

By stimulating blood flow the DHT cannot concentrate in hair follicles, thus letting the hair resume normal activity.

The fact that lasers produce hair growth was discovered completely by accident.

It was in 1967, shortly after the first lasers were invented, that Endre Mester in Semmelweis University was doing experiments with lasers on skin cancer. He noticed that when applying lasers to the backs of shaven mice, the shaved hair grew back thicker and fuller in those mice in the treated group versus the untreated group.

Since then, numerous experiments have shown that a certain exact wavelength of laser light - 650 nm (nanometers) - is most effective on thinning hair. This is the laser we use in all Super Grow Laser products.

This simple observation sparked an entire industry, and gave people with thinning hair the first chance at a real solution. The laser light works on a person's own natural hair, right where it belongs. No dangerous drugs or surgery.

Laser light penetrates deep

Normal light reaches less than one sixteenth of an inch into your skin.

This is a picture showing ONE of our powerful lasers - held about an inch from a finger.

This single laser penetrates the entire finger, bathing the skin deep with therapeutic low level laser light.

One laser is capable of completely surrounding every hair follicle with nourishing laser light for a radius of about an inch. The light goes past the follicle into the blood vessels underneath, reaching as deep as possible.

With the Super Grow Laser you have 272 of these powerful lasers reaching deep into your scalp the entire time you use it.

You can relax knowing that you are getting the most powerful home laser system on the market today.