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"I have been using your Super Grow for two months now and the results have been wonderful! Thank you and keep up the great work!"

P. O.
Hollywood CA
Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Thinning Hair - Frequently Asked Questions

There is currently a lot of information floating around on the internet. Here you will find our thinning hair FAQ's, if you have any additional questions about our Super Grow Lasers feel free to ask us at

How often do I need to use it? For how long?

The instructions are simple. You sit under the unit three times per week, preferably every other day.

You use it for at least 20 minutes at a time, letting the lasers nourish the hair and giving thicker, fuller, healthier appearance.

While it's energizing your hair, you are free to enjoy a tv show, read a book, whatever. Just stay under it for 20 minutes at a time.

You will begin to see positive results within four months*.

How can you can sell these units for so little?

It is the lasers that actually are doing the work. All other equipment being sold out there offers fancy timers, and other electronic add-ons that do nothing to your hair.

Since we use the exact same lasers as in the expensive salon machines, what we do is offer scaled back versions that just give you the good stuff. And without all the extras that are not doing any of the real work anyway, we can offer these units for FAR LESS than you pay elsewhere.

In order to give you the most powerful product at the lowest price, we take a different path. What we give you is a unit with many times more lasers than you will get anywhere else, and sell it as low as possible.

Since Super Grow was started, the goal was to give a superior product at a much lower price.

Does your product use any LEDs?

Of course not!! We want you to have results. And LED lights have not been shown to offer any benefit to hair.

Companies that sell units with LEDs are doing so out of a marketing angle, leading consumers to believe that they are getting more than they really are.

Each and every diode in any Super Grow system is pure 100% Laser.

Are the lasers harmful?

There are NO known side effects of using any hair laser. These lasers are 5 milliwatts, which is much lower than most electronic gadgets you use every day.

The amount of light emitted by a 5 milliwatt laser is far less than even the smallest lightbulb in your house. Each individual diode is the same as a .005 watt lightbulb. The lightbulbs in your oven and refrigerator are 40 watts, or 8,000 times as powerful as one of the lasers used for hair loss.

A Super Grow 90 Laser Dome, for example, has a total output of 90 X .005 = .45 watts. This means that you have a better chance of being burned by a nightlight (4 watts) by a factor of ten.

What are the specs on these lasers?

Each industrial grade laser is 5 milliwatts, 650 nanometers of red laser light. This is the wavelength that has been shown to best to promote thicker, fuller hair.

What is your warranty on the product?

Your Super Grow is covered for one full year from the date of purchase. If the item malfunctions, send us an email for shipping instructions and we will repair or replace it. After the waranty period is over, we will fix any malfunctioning unit for a nominal charge.

"I cant believe how much this has worked for me! This is the best laser deal on the market bar none!"

Tom L.
Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"I have found this product to be very easy to use and so far the results have been great!"

C. S.
Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Hi Jeff, I want to buy one of these lasers for all the women in my family! Female hair loss is so much harder to handle than male yet your laser has done wonders for my hair."

Janet W.
Boston MA
Disclaimer: individual results may vary

"Results have been great. My hair looks brighter and more healthy and stronger.

"It makes me happy to see my hair coming back in.

"My family has commented that they have seen a difference.

Mexico City, Mexico
Disclaimer: individual results may vary